Центр по климатическому финансированию (ЦКФ)

13 November 2018 – International experts UN FAO,  Mr. Tomasso Alacevich, Economist of Investment  Center Division at FAO Headquarters, Kentaro Aoki, Natural Resource Officer of Climate and Environment Division, Carmen Arguello, Green Climate Fund Advisor in Budapest and the representative of FAO Office in Kyrgyzstan Cholpon Alibakieva visited the   office of the Climate Finance Center in the Kyrgyz Republic (CFC).  The main purpose of the meeting was to learn more about the activity of a newly established Center  and discuss the ways to promote cooperation on climate issues in the Kyrgyz Republic.

At the meeting, Azamat Alkadyrov, Director of CFC told the guests on the history of the Center, its vision and plans for the nearest future. According to him the Center was established following the  4 missions of multilateral banks to Kyrgyzstan in 2015-2017as part of the  Climate Investment Planapproved by the Coordination Committee on Climate Change of KR, and the sub-committee of PPCR.

“We are now at the  very beginning of our path, and I hope we will achieve the goals set before us. We intend to work effectively with all stakeholders and attract investments for implementation of programs and projects in climate area”, he said.

The representatives of FAO, in their turn, told about the ongoing work on preparation of the country to working with the Global Climate Fund (GCF).  This work is led by FAO in the frames of a  bigger GCF Readiness Program aimed at building the capacity of developing countries  to access the funding of GCF for implementation of national adaptation and mitigation plans at the country level.

In the course of exchanging information the FAO experts received answers to a number of questions, including on further steps of the Center, coordination of stakeholders on climate funding issues in the country, etc. In particular, they were interested in how and where they could help the Center as part of the their GCF Readiness and Preparedness Program.

“Our Program has a component on building of various institutional capacities. Therefore we would like to discuss how your team can join  our  capacity building activities on such issues as GCF procedures in financing, developing and advancing project proposals, etc. It is important for us because we want to help the Kyrgyz Republic to have the coordination mechanism of climate funding that  will work in a coherent and effective way”, Carmen Arguello said.

According to the KR Government Resolution the Center is now authorized to work with the GCF, the Global Environment Facility and other climate investment funds. Currently it is working on 9 priority projects included in the Climate Investment Plan.