Центр по климатическому финансированию (ЦКФ)

7 December 2018,  CFC held a meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry and Amelioration with participation of CFC representatives, deputy minister, as well as the heads of subdivisions of the ministry.

The main purpose of the meeting was   to inform participants about the goals and objectives, as well as the planned activities of the Center and discuss the issues of interaction in advancing of climate  adaptation projects in Kyrgyzstan.

Opening the meeting the Deputy Director of CFC, Taalaybek Dalbaev informed participants of the current situation in climate change and its potential implications for the world and Kyrgyzstan. In particular, he stressed the climatic vulnerability of an agricultural sector, the most important strategic economic sector of Kyrgyzstan, which employs  more than half of the able-bodies  population.

“Considering the emerging climate funding possibilities in the world, we need to intensify our efforts on developing of adaptation and mitigation projects and attracting funds for their implementation. We have many projects on agriculture, which were once developed  but have not been approved due to a lack of finance or other reasons. We could update them and linking with climate change submit them to the UN Green Climate Fund. We expect the departments and specialists of the  ministry to study new technologies, good world practices in this area and submit new ideas, which our Center will help to further advance”, he said.

Munarbek Zamirbek uuly, Program Manager of CFC has further informed about the goals and objectives of CFC, the scheme of interaction between  stakeholders, as well as mechanism of promoting of projects. In his  presentation he noted that the center was established by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republi as recommended by the missions of multilateral development banks for activation of the work with the Green Climate Fund and other donors in climate area.

“Today our neighbor countries as Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are actively working in this area and some of them have managed to attracts millions of dollars to their economy to combat climate change. We cannot miss this unique opportunity, especially when this initiative is actively supported by concerned ministries and agencies headed by the country leaders. To meet our goals    our Center is ready to work closely with all stakeholders supporting them not only develop and raise funds but also during the whole life cycle of the projects starting from their initiation to approval and implementation.  We have a specially developed project advancement scheme for that purpose”, Munarbek Zamirbek uulu said.

During the meeting the parties discussed the opportunities to advance  the ideas and projects in various agricultural sectors, including on implementing of new technologies in gardening, irrigation, establishing  of cooperatives and insurance of climate risks and their funding issues.  There was an interesting exchange of opinions among participants of the meeting, representatives of subdivisions received answers to their questions and exchanged contacts with representatives of the Center for further collaboration on adaptation projects.

Concluding the meeting, Deputy minister of agriculture Janybek Kerimaliev thanked CFC for their visit and expressed willingness to work with it and called his colleagues to start working more actively in this area.

“We are glad that such a needed institution was established in Kyrgyzstan, which, I am sure has a great future and will bring many tangible results for the country. We have many projects which we hope to work on with you. We wish you further success in your work and good luck in your endeavors”, said Tumanov Janybai, Director of Kyrgyzagrobiocenter under the MAFIA of the Kyrgyz Republic.