Центр по климатическому финансированию (ЦКФ)

Climate Finance Center under the Ministry of natural resources, environment and technical supervision of the Kyrgyz Republic recruits International Senior Expert (Consultant) for the Project Preparation Facility

 Agency: Climate Finance Center under the Ministry of natural resources, environment and technical supervision of the Kyrgyz Republic

Location: Bishkek

Deadline: 12 November 2021

 International Senior Expert (Consultant) to provide support to the Climate Finance Center’s Project Preparation Facility in order to update the Climate Investment Programme pipeline of investment projects, based on sector analysis and key stakeholder consultation, including the development of viable project concepts for further development and potential funding by international climate funds such as the GCF, CIF.




The objective of the Assignment is to provide expert advice in the successful implementation of the Kyrgyz Republic Climate Investment Programme (CIP) particularly to:


  • Provide additional support to enable Kyrgyz authorities to move effectively from PPCR planning phase to PPCR implementation phase following CIP approval.
  • Perform targeted sector analysis to scope specific investment needs and opportunities across the 11 priority sectors in the CIP and develop criteria and a transparent process for prioritising investments to build a pipeline of viable potential investment project ideas for climate funding.
  • Prepare draft project concept papers for Kyrgyzstan Government priority climate resilient investment projects for co-funding by international climate funds such as the GCF etc.




The Consultant will provide the following services:


Task 1: Preparation and research

  • The Consultant will update the CIP to include the national and international developments in the area of climate policy (NDC, NAP, GCF Country Programme etc.) including climate finance e.g. CFCM including the current and future activities and objectives of the CFC.
  • Prepare the updated version of the CIP document, to include the pipeline of projects for potential publishing by the CFC on the CFC website.

Task 2: Identify priority projects in the pipeline that are most attractive for co-funding by international climate funds such as the GCF

  • Provide expert advice on the requirements of international climate funds such as CIF, GCF and GEF etc. for successful submission of projects.
  • Identification of viable investment project ideas from the CIP that are of high interest to the Kyrgyz Government and which meet the requirements and priorities of international climate funds.

Task 3: Prepare draft concept papers written-up for the project ideas

  • Further develop the project ideas from the CIP instructed by CFC Director in conjunction with development partners. The consultants will consult with where necessary and review the guidelines and background documents of climate funds such as GCF, CIF as well as MDBs and other donor organizations, so that the above activities meet their criteria.



a.      Overall requirements:

The Consultants shall be able to demonstrate the following experience, including knowledge of international best practice in climate finance as well as, if possible, local experience in the Kyrgyz Republic as well as other PPCR pilot countries:

  1. minimum 10 years relevant experience relating to management of assignments similar to this;
  2. preferably 10 years relevant policy-related experience related to developing strategic programmes for climate change adaptation and governance;
  3. preferably 10 years relevant policy-and investment-related experience demonstrating good understanding of climate finance mechanisms;
  4. preferably 10 years relevant finance experience with knowledge of private and public financing on related climate adaptation projects; and
  5. preferably 10 years relevant experience relating to the incorporation of environmental, economic, social and gender aspects in the development climate adaptation plans and strategies.

The Consultant will be responsible for all logistical considerations, arrangements, guidance and direction to the participants of the working meeting.


The Consultant is expected to commence work immediately upon signing of the contract agreement.


The expected duration of the contract is 6 months with the possibility of extension.

Please send documents to email address: info@cfc.kg