Центр по климатическому финансированию (ЦКФ)

23 May 2019 the official launching event of the Climate Finance Center of the Kyrgyz Republic entitled “Investing in Climate Resilience: from Ideas to Joint Actions” was held at the Orion Hotel in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Muhammedkalyi Abylgaziev, Vice-President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Allain Pilloux, as well as the representatives of international climate funds, multilateral development banks and other development partners, government and non-government organizations, academic and business communities.

The Climate Finance Center (CFC) was established by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic for mobilization and coordination of investments and donor funds aimed at increasing climate resilience in such sectors as water supply and treatment, energy supply, healthcare, food security, disaster management.

In his welcoming speech, the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Muhammedkaliy Abylgaziev noted that the problem of climate change was one of the most important and topical issues on the global agenda.

“Our country needs to actively participate in these global processes and take the necessary measures to improve resilience to climate change. In this regard, in 2015, the initiative of the Kyrgyz Republic to join the Pilot Program on Climate Resilience  was supported. We are committed to Sustainable Development Goals and our country has been actively involved in the preparation and discussion of the global Sustainable Development Agenda from the very beginning. At the global level, systematic work is being carried out to link and integrate the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change ” Muhammedkaliy Abylgaziyev said.

The Head of Government stressed that the implementation of the country’s efforts to improve resilience and adaptation to climate change will require significant amounts of “climate-friendly” sustainable investments.

Also the participants of the event were welcomed by the Vice President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Alain Pilloux.

“The establishment of the Climate Finance Center has sent a very strong signal to the development and finance world that the Kyrgyz Republic is ready to attract and manage funds to help to address this challenge. The scale of available finance from major climate funds such as the Green Climate Fund, Climate Investment Funds, the Global Environmental Facility, as well as the multilateral development banks, is creating opportunities for developing countries to undertake transformative investments in climate resilient economic development, in the improvement of infrastructure and for stimulating low carbon, resilient growth in the private sector”, Mr. Alain Pilloux said.

Kanat Abdrahmanov, Director of the CFC presented the Climate Investment Programme of the Kyrgyz Republic, its priority areas and specific projects implemented within the programme. He also informed the participants about the role, main work areas and next steps of the Climate Finance Center.

In a Panel session “Mechanisms and Perspectives of Climate Finance” participants have discussed various forms of climate finance available from the major climate funds. The session helped the audience to understand what climate finance is, its forms and beneficiaries. The session has set the scene for the next panel sessions, which have considered in a more detail how climate finance can support the development and climate resilience in key economic sectors of Kyrgyzstan.

Moderator: Mr. Ozonnia Ojielo, UN Resident Coordinator
– Mr. Zhihong Zhang, Senior Program Coordinator, Manager of Clean Technology Fund, CIF
– Mr. Gajanana Hegde, Team Leader of Regulatory Development Unit, Sustainable Development Mechanisms Program, UNFCCC
– Mrs. Candice McDeigan, Country Director, ADB

The sector based Session 1: Agriculture, Food Security & Disaster Risk Reduction / Emergency Situations focused on informing and discussing the up-to-date progress in implementation of climate resilience related projects and initiatives in agriculture, irrigation, food security and disaster risk reduction sectors.

Moderator: Mr. Casjen Ohnesorge, Head of the Development Coordination, Embassy of Germany
– Mr. Iskender Djoldoshaliev, Deputy Director of Department of Water Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, KR
– Ms. Ainagul Amanova, Senior project officer, ADB
– Mr. Daniyar Ibragimov, Team Leader, UNDP
– Mr. Armen Sedrakyan, First Policy Officer, FAO
– Mr. Sharifbek Sohibnazarov, CSP Adviser, WFP

Session 2: The Green Economy, Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency was dedicated to the Green Economy Program of the Kyrgyz Republic. The session determined the tasks and areas of cooperation in expanding climate resilient technologies in municipal infrastructure, energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable development.

Moderator: Mr. Kubat Rahimov, Adviser of the Prime-minister, KR
– Mr. Avtandil Alybaev, Deputy Minister of Economy KR
– Mr. Vincent Duijnhouwer, Associate Director, EE and CC, EBRD
– Mr. Bekjan Supanaliev, Director, ARIS
– Ms. Nilgun Tash, Deputy Director, Environmental Department, UNIDO
– Ms. Nurzat Abdrasulova, UNISON Group

The discussion and exchange of opinions by a wide range of stakeholders was aimed at a platform created by the CFC KR  was to activate and give new impetus to joint initiatives on promoting sustainable development of the Kyrgyz Republic in the context of sustainable development.

Wrapping-up the event, Director of CFC Kanat Abdrahmanov said that the climate change risks affect all without exception and called all participants of this process to join the efforts and assured that the Climate Finance Center is open for discussion of all potential initiatives aimed at increasing climate resilience and ready to a joint work for development of concrete climate resilience activities and project proposals in this area.