Центр по климатическому финансированию (ЦКФ)

Climate Finance Center (CFC) of the Kyrgyz Republic with the support of UNDP/ the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) and UNCC: Learn is launching the development of the Climate Change Learning Strategy in the Kyrgyz Republic.

An introductory consultative workshop of the project on the development of the National Climate Change Learning Strategy and the Green Economy was held on November 12 in Bishkek.The project will be implemented by the Climate Finance Center of the Kyrgyz Republic jointly with UNITAR and the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE). The project will be implemented jointly by the Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic and the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Representatives of the Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic and other government agencies and NGOs, as well as representatives of various universities and academic institutions attended the workshop. During the event, Maya Valcheva, UNITAR’s Green Development and Climate Change Assistant presented detailed information about the UN CC: Learn project: its objectives, experience of other countries in the implementation of the project, as well as the relationship with the Green Economy Learning Assessment for Kyrgyz Republic conducted within the framework of PAGE.

It is expected that within the project the learning and professional needs will be analyzed, as well as the climate change learning strategy in line with the green economy promotion policy will be developed. The main educational institutions and interested public organizations will be actively involved in the project implementation. Existing institutional capacities, stakeholders and needs related to climate change education and skills development will be examined in the initial phase.

This analysis will serve as a basis for developing a strategy that will identify concrete actions in the short, medium and long term to strengthen human capacity, learning and skills development to achieve climate change objectives.

About UN CC: Learn Partnership Initiative

The UNCC: Learn Partnership Initiative was launched in 2009 through the collaboration of United Nations agencies committed to supporting and promoting effective, results-oriented and sustainable learning to combat climate change and challenges in the field of development. Following the 2011-2013 pilot phase of the UNCC Learn Initiative, the 2014-2017 implementation phase was completed. The further implementation phase of 2017-2020 was launched in September 2017. At the global level, the partnership supports knowledge sharing and dissemination of learning materials on climate change. It also coordinates learning activities through collaboration among United Nations agencies and other partners, contributing to the education of a growing critical mass of professionals and individuals with an understanding of the root causes of climate change, in order to inform their decisions and make effective measures. At the national level, the UNCC: Learn Partnership supports countries in identifying learning priorities in line with their nationally determined contributions (NDC) and national adaptation plans (NAPs) through the development and implementation of climate change learning strategies in collaboration with national education and training institutions. The UNCC: Learn Partnership is currently active in more than 30 countries.

Funding for the UNCC: Learn Partnership Initiative is made by the Swiss Government, UN partners and national partners. The secretariat of the UNCC: Learn  Partnership is hosted by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

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