Центр по климатическому финансированию (ЦКФ)

Priority sectors 


Within the CIP high-level sectoral themes, 11 investment programme components were identified that align with the institutional set-up of the Kyrgyz Government to ensure country ownership. For each investment programme component, the CIP describes: the background and rationale; development objectives; activities; programme-level key indicators; and implementation arrangements. There is a pipeline of 141 climate resilient activities in total including project concepts and proposals across the investment programme components. The investment programme components are:

1. Improving the quality of climate services;

2. Improving food security from agriculture, through improved water resources, land management and agricultural practices;

3. Making energy supply infrastructure climate resilient;

4. Making transport infrastructure climate resilient;

5. Making municipal water supply climate resilient;

6. Making buildings climate resilient;

7. Increasing the climate resilience of healthcare;

8. Increasing the climate resilience of mining;

9. Enhancing private sector participation in climate resilience;

10. Enhancing the climate resilience of forestry and biodiversity;

11. Enhancing the climate resilience of emergency situations.